More than just a temporary storage

Care and supervision of your precious pianos, grand pianos, and high quality furniture

Your valuable musical instruments and antique or designer furniture need temporary storage for a while?

As an additional special service, I take care of your expensive pianos and valuable furniture that you need to store externally temporarily – because of a relocation, for family reasons, or simply because there is not enough space in the new home. It may also happen that you are facing a limited professional stay abroad and you would like to have a trustworthy place to store your piano or furniture? Or you bought a wonderful grand piano or any fancy interior decoration during your stay in the “Metropol Region Rhein-Neckar” and now you need to store it until your trip home?

I invite you to visit the nice storage facility in direct neighbourhood to my workshop in Mannheim. It is climatically monitored the whole year round and professionally secured. If you want so, your grand piano stands on its feet like at home and, as well as your piano, will be tuned at least once a year. All treasures are insured at fair value. Additional insurance policies can be concluded on request, as well as help with any transportation issue. Your high-grade property will always be in good hands - as long as you wish so.

If you like the facility, I would appreciate a recommendation towards your relocation agency. You do not yet have one? I can help you to find one.

Please describe your wishes by E-Mail:

You may also call me directly to negotiate a lump sum fee on a weekly or monthly base. Annual contracts are also possible:
+ 49- (0) 621-44 57 90 90 or mobile: + 49- (0) 157-764 750 80