An instrument, a piece of furniture, an heirloom …

A piano can be many things – yet always something special.

The same applies to my services:

I am able to tune, service and restore your instrument and in doing so, I am happy to apply the dedication, care and craftsmanship of a trained piano maker.
A call is all that is needed.

As an additional service, I take care of stored pianos and grand pianos and tune them regularly.

If you want to sell your Steinway upright or grand piano, please call me. Other famous European brand names as Feurich (original), Boesendorfer, Bechstein, Ibach will be also welcome at any time. I will look at it and make you a fair offer.

The „Stimmgabel” is step by step consequently developing a multi–dimensional cultural enterprise offering all is needed for classical music professionals and artists.

News: The „2G +” rule applies in Baden Württemberg from now on. Please consider this rule when using the rehearsal rooms. Thank you for your understanding and stay safe and healthy.

In building process: investment in a 3D Multimedia Audio-Video-Studio in Mannheim – Neckarstadt West.

The restauration center and workshop of the piano maker Christof Klingel is located in the industrial heritage “Old Tobacco Factory”

Mechanical equipment is subjected to wear and tear. The piano restoration centre "Die Stimmgabel" in Mannheim-Germany is responsible for the preservation and maintenance of your pianos … more info

Quiet and private – the practise rooms in the pianosalon “Die Stimmgabel” in Mannheim-Germany, city centre

"Die Stimmgabel" provides two practise rooms to prepare the entrance examination for the musical academy, to hold lessons, to perform concerts … more info

Teach, practise and perform in the pianosalon “Die Stimmgabel” in Mannheim-city centre, Germany

Students concerts, rehearsals or chamber music concerts can be held at the piano salon "Die Stimmgabel". A special teaching and concert atmosphere has been created here … more info