Top Grade Concert Piano

Exceptional piano for the expert

We mediate and present proudly: a high performance concert piano with the sound of a veritable salon grand, made by August Foerster Loebau manufactury in Saxony/Germany

This concert piano has been designed and constructed in 1908 – during the heyday of German piano manufacturing decades – and has the factory number 18772. It provides seven-and-a-quarter octaves and came to life in the period of art nouveau era (“Jugendstil”).

The body of this “acoustic Rembrandt” has been walnut veneered and shows beautiful root wood inlays. A third pedal enables the player to exercise nearly silently.

The high-glossy surface is shellac polished over 8 months according to a very traditional technology. The keyboard has been covered from new with the finest AA-quality ivory (CITES-certificate can de provided).

The corresponding piano stool is hand-carved of solid walnut and has also been shellac polished.

The restauration process went over more than thousand man hours to come to this result: a condition as new combined with a breath-taking sound and timbre.

An incredibly beautiful and world class concert piano for the price of 65,000.00 EURO. A five-years-guarantee is provided subsequently to the date of sale. Included is a tailor-made protective wrapping.