A silent system for your piano or grand piano

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Playing the piano without disturbing others - a dream that can finally be fulfilled in perfect quality

Do you know the following quite inconvenient situations? You are coming home after work in the evening, you wish to relax now playing the piano for some time – if possible without your neighbour’s knocking at the door? Are you almost discouraged and thinking about giving up, selling or storing your piano?

You have inherited a beautiful grand piano, but you can't actually afford the cost for a comprehensive repair, or a complete restoration is necessary, unfortunately for a five-figure sum? You are pianist practising several hours a day and having already received the 2nd warning letter by the landlord? Or you are studying at the music academy, and pianos are not allowed in your student residence?

There can be several reasons why you prefer to practise in silence. So, what might be the alternative before you need to act and buy a purely electronic piano?

The good news: finally, I found a provider for a silent system that meets my expectations of quality and reliability – Adsilent, made in Nuremberg by "Excellent Piano Installs Andreas Dütz".

The Adsilent System is multifunctional, and I will install it into your piano or grand piano carefully – as engineering partner for Mannheim and Rhein-Neckar region. Although this system works like a synthesizer, your piano will not at all be damaged by the installation. With Adsilent it is possible not only to practise in silence and tonelessly, but also to record your performance. You can then transfer your practice success via Bluetooth to the Adsilent APP on your smartphone. Of course, all pieces that you want to share with family and friends are stored in the APP.

Furthermore, you still can play your piano in the traditional way. You just have to turn a small lever - and then the piano sounds as usual. This feature is especially important for those users who have just commissioned a major repair or still plan to do so - the Adsilent System may therefore increase the joy to play.

Please contact me for more information:
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