New or used? This is the question that needs to be addressed here!

Christof Klingel, piano maker and mediator, is the owner of the piano restoration workshop and pianosalon “Die Stimmgabel”

When could a piano mediator be helpful?

My everyday business life as a piano maker is multifaceted. At the interface between culture and business, piano making is not only a matter of craftsmanship but also about emotion, because sound is always strongly associated with emotion.

Where emotions are involved, there are usually also conflicts. For example, the value of your piano is not measured according to our sense of justice, but exclusively according to market practices. The value of your piano is just a matter of perspective, and in such cases this perspective is purely subjective – comparable to the situation with old violins or high-quality vintage cars.

Do you know the following situation?

You have inherited a beautiful, sonorous, old piano – a true jewel. No one in your family is interested, so you want to sell it. Dealers come to have a look at it, and truthfully they tell you that this instrument has a list value of 0 Euros. Such a statement may sound hard to you, but this is the market: older instruments, even if they are only a few years old, usually lose their market value to 100%.

On the other side, I often meet interested customers, who would really like to buy a piano and have been looking for a nice one over a long time already, but they just can’t find one: the new instruments at a reasonable price are very often not of sufficient sound quality, and they can't find a good used one in the shops.

Here I can help.

After having carefully examined your piano, I will advise you which price would be realistic – regardless, what is mentioned in the list. I will then try to bring two interested parties together : the one party gets its piano sold at a reasonable price, and the other party receives a high sound and visual quality piano at the price of a cheap new product.

The same approach is of course working on higher price levels, for instance regarding top restored pianos at the turn of the century (1900).

For the compensation of my performance I charge a commission of 12.5% plus 19% VAT with regard to the purchase price negotiated between the parties. I provide a 5-year warranty from the date of purchase on the current physical condition of the instrument under two conditions:

  • constant room climate of 40 to 60% relative humidity is secured
  • maintenance and tuning of the instrument will be performed by my company, at least once a year.

This work is of course subject to surcharges according to the current rates.