Only rent – later shop

A good idea to encourage beginners

To buy a piano is a decision which should be well-considered.

Sometimes it can make sense to rent first an instrument to win more time for the purchase decision – especially at the beginning, when it is unsure whether children stick to the piano. A hire purchase would be the preferred method in such a case. In my workshop I provide a choice of solid second-hand pianos which I can offer to you to rent. Make your own hands-on playing experience with your leased piano for some time at home and later decide whether it shall remain with you!

A young boy practicing the piano

It will be a pleasure for me to discuss with you all questions concerning a flexible piano leasing contract. The rental fee for an upright piano or a grand piano contains also expenses like transport, regular tuning twice a year, insurance, and alike. 

In case of interest, please give me a call to arrange an appointment: +49-(0)621-44 57 90 90.

Please contact me also, if you need a Silent System installed into your lease instrument. This may help in your current housing situation…