Curiosities for Enthusiasts

You have decided to look for an "oldie"-piano and to take it up to your home?

This very old piano went to Markt Einersheim near Wuerzburg recently – after having been renovated in "Die Stimmgabel" according to the customer's wish. The buyer, a young German family, is living consciously to their tradition attaching great importance to authenticity in all areas of life. Its apartment is furnished in the style of the classical avant-garde. The piano, more than 100 year-old, is situated in the midst of the living-room. It is supposed to be an eye-catcher and a nice stylistic contrast at the same time. In spite of the "antique" and therefore a little bit rough-running technology, the piano has a big sound whose tone colour is dark and warm: to the great joy of the family.

Come and select your "oldie"-piano in our shop floor, and we restore it in a customized way on your behalf. Actually, we can present some "oldie"-pianos for your choice. For further questions about any details on the restoration subject please consult repair work.

On request, I also install a Silent System into the restored piano. Some neighbours in older apartment buildings might be grateful…


In Euro plus VAT (actually 19 %) plus transport cost, including a tuning three weeks after transport. This is only valid for addresses in Germany. In case of export, please ask for a precise cost estimation including export fees. To secure qualified after sales service for high-grade upright and grand pianos provided by a German piano builder we are ready to negotiate contracts on a T&M-basis plus travel and accommodation cost. We also offer to check whether a VAT-refunding agreement exists concerning your country.